Monday, April 25, 2011

Superfast Sydney Trip

First, I want to say, Happy Easter! Hope everyone have a good holiday ;)

Me and my girls decided to go SYDNEY for this easter, it was a quick 2 and half days trip, but we had a lot of fun!
We visited all the places we wanted to go, Sydney Opera House, Fish Market, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour, and of course the famous Hurricane Grill and Bar Steakhouse Restaurant
It was pretty tiring, because we have to go to so many places in 2 and half days, but it was all worth it in the end, we all had fun! ;)
Here's some pictures of our trip 

Fish Market with Kimmy

Btw, this is the first Zara that open in Australia! and this is only 1/3 of the people that queue to get in. Zara still have another two entrance, and the queue is pretty much the same as this one.
We are just too excited for our first Zara store, Lol ;P

Cheers, Angel

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