Saturday, October 1, 2011

Enrique Iglesias World Tour, Melbourne Concert

Yep, another concert for me
But this time I choose to be on the floor area, and it is much much better than sitting!
And he is super gorgeous!!

He's such a pretty boy! lol
I stand really close to him but still can't touch him, coz there are two
big bouncer in front of us, and they don't let him stand close to the fans

Havana Brown as one of the guest star, very pretty!

And Mr.Pitbull here is another guest star, he rock!

Rumour said he is pretty sick that night and almost canceled the concert, thank god he didn't!
And he's AWESOME!
This concert is so worth the money even though me and my friends had to race to the front and jumping from seat to seat, so that we can stand really close to him, lol
One of the best concert ever!

The next day, I lost all my voice coz of the non stop screaming, and my ears are not properly functional from all the screaming from other fans, what a night, haha

Cheers, Angel