Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cool Couture (2)

This is another deconstruction that I did in class, what you need is just one XL - XXXL jumper, I personally prefer the one with no print, but it's up to you.
You can use your own old sweater that you are not wearing anymore, I bought mine from second hand shop for $2.99 and I choose my favourite color, RED :)

First is cut the sleeve off (leave 3 cm) and then roll the 3cm in, machine stitch it so there are no raw edges.

I chop off a little bit of the neck part because the original sweater has a very high neck line, and I don't really like it.
Similar to the sleeve part, roll in 2cm or 3cm, and machine stitch

The last part is use the left over sleeve, cut out a rectangle piece (15cm x 11cm), fold it in half and hand stitch it to the sweater
You can stitch it wherever you want, there are no measurement for it
and Voila!
Another new garment in your wardrobe :)

Me and my friend, Listi, wearing our cool couture garment ;)


Cheers, Angel

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