Friday, April 29, 2011

Katy Perry California Dreams Tour 2011

Another concert, huh? Yea, I'm a concert freak, LOL.. ;p
I just love to hear my favourite songs live

So, I went to Katy Perry concert two nights ago, she's sooooo preettyyyy and she's such a sweet sweet person!
The stage design was amazing, probably the best i've seen so far, and the whole stadium smells like cotton candy, it's so Katy! 

There are two lucky fans that night, one guy got to kiss Katy Perry on the cheek, Twice! and another girl, she dressed up like Katy and wear the blue wig, she got to take picture with Katy on the stage!
I bet they can't sleep that night, probably the best night of their life, so far, lol..

I also bought merchandises, a glow stick with 'Katy Perry California Dreams tour 2011' written on it and one of the T-shirt, there's a LOT of other cute T-shirt, but then I don't have the money to buy all of 'em, so I just bought one, Lol :p

I really like the glowstick, because it used battery so I can just replace a new battery and used it again. Usually they sell this ugly glowstick that you have to bend to light it and it only last for 5 hours

The T-shirt that I bought, love it!

The stage, aren't they cute?

This is when Katy sings Thinking of you and she ask everybody to turn on their glowstick, or phone or whatever that shine. It was so pretty!

The whole concert is so colourful! The stage is so colourful, all of her costume is so colourful, her back dancer costume is colourful as well, it feels like we are in the California Dreams! lol

Katy ends it by singing California Dream♥ ♥

Check out Katy Perry Official website, it has all the Tour dates :)
and here's the link if you want to follow her Twitter

Cheers, Angel

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