Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mulberry Alexa Waders Green Sparkle Tweed

Look what come in the mail! I'm so happy it's finally here!!
I even skip class just to wait for this package to come, because I need to be home when they deliver it. They will only make 3 attempts, I already missed the first attempt, if I missed all three, they are going to sent it back to UK :(

I have been in love with Mulberry Alexa bag forever! I always wanted the classic Oak color Alexa bag, until I open Mulberry official website and saw this one, I fall in love at the first sight.
It is a very hard decision to choose between the Oak color or the Waders Green, but then I decided to choose the Waders Green because they are less seen on the street and the colour is more unique!

I order it from last week and it is finally here now!!

What a big box

That's the one! But that is not the color of the bag, it change because I edited the picture
I bought the Oversized Alexa, love BIG bag! ;p

Get a free sticker

And a card from Mulberry

This is the real color of the bag, made from soft leather and has a refined texture, grainy with a hint of metallic sheen

This Alexa in Waders Green Sparkle Tweed is the latest version of the classic Mulberry iconic handbag

This bag cost me two and a half months of work, and guess what, this is my first designer handbag that I bought with my own money! That's why I'm so excited even though I'm so broke right now and won't be able to shop for another two months, lol ;p

Cheers, Angel

Monday, July 11, 2011

Street STyle at Paris Haute Couture 2011

I always love street style for Fashion Show especially for Haute Couture, you get to see a lot of unique style, lots of colourful dresses and skirts, killer shoes and crazy accessories, how exciting!

Anna Dello Russo YSL dress and Charlotte Olympia shoes

Christopher Kane orange dress match with orange Prada platform

Daphne Guinness in Gareth Pugh
How amazing is the shoes??!

Mehry Mu bag

Margherita Missoni, Eugenie Niarchos and friends looks very colourful!

Olivia Palermo pretty as always in Valentino

Olivia Palermo in Topshop dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Love the prints!!

Shala Monroque, très chic!

Animal print, check! Sheer, check! Summer, check!

LOVE the snake skin pants!!

Acne shirt and Mulberry bag

Elisa Nalin in Lanvin skirt and Fendi shoes

Very cute Marni dress and Prada shoes

Cheers, Angel

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chanel Tattoo

I know this tattoo has been out there for quite sometimes, but i'm still so excited when mine come this morning! 
So I'm just going to do a quick post for this one

My first try, not bad, lol
But the tattoo cracks and peel off very easily
Hope they stay for at least two weeks
Oh, I get them from eBay by the way, they are very cheap, it says authentic but who knows, lol

Cheers, Angel