Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Couture (1)

Today my teacher brought this Japanese book to class called Cool Couture Remake Dress - Japanese Pattern Book. It teaches us how to remake old T-shirt, Necktie, Men shirt into Tunic, Blouse, Skirt and More. It is a really great book and worth buying! The instruction is very easy to follow and in less than an hour, voila! you have a new garment in your wardrobe.

Below are pictures of me making one of the cool couture method, all you need is one women singlet and one XL-XXXL men t-shirt. I bought mine from second-hand store, they cost like AUD$3 each..

What I did is cut the shoulder seam (NOT the sleeve), top stitch opening. Stitch end of sleeves closed, tuck sleeves inside shirt. 

Top stitch t-shirt neckline to front of singlet, the measurement is up to you. Repeat on back. But it is better to pin on mannequin first before you sew it, just to make sure you get the right position.

This is my finished cool couture garment, I had my friend to wear it for me.

The great thing about this reconstruction is you can actually wear the garment!


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