Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

A french model that just turn 10, has already rock the fashion industry with her appearance in Vogue Paris couple of times, and in one of her photo shoot she dressed up like an adult wearing couture dress with full on make-up and heels
She may be new but she looks no different than other models that has been in this industry for years, plus she has a very unique beauty

Below are the photos from her career so far

She's gorgeous!!
This is the tumblr that fans made for her if you want to see more of her

Cheers, Angel

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  1. she has so much talent people say that that's to old for her. I let my 7 year old child dress up like that for photo shoots. That's modeling and if any one deffrentiates then that's not your choice that's her mothers. My child dresses up in hills for pictures and even puts on make up for vogue. because i allowed her to. If her mother wants her to do that and if she wants to do it i dont understand why she cant or why anybody has something to say about it.