Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Craving for Pandora bag!

This Givenchy Pandora messenger bag has stuck in my head for a while, I fall in love with this bag ever since I saw my friend holding it
Been searching for it here in Melbourne, but not many stores have them, and the stores that have this bag, sell it with a really expensive price

It is an angled bag with two zippers and logo at the top, front magnetic flap pocket, comes in variety color, skins and textures, it is really hard to pick one favourite out of all.
And I love how we can wear it in two different ways, either with the handle or with the removable shoulder strap

This is the mini pandora bag

They are gorgeous, aren't they?
I want one!!
Wait, I want all of 'em!! Lol ;p

Cheers, Angel

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