Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Wardrobe

The one and only Lady Gaga, known for her unique and quirky fashion style, also for her amazing voice   who just launch her new album Born This Way
Even though there are people who doesn't like her style and saying that she looks too weird, I know it's true, but for some reason, I really really like her style,  I never get bored of her, every time you think you've seen her craziest style, and boom, she came out from the plane wearing 30cm boots and walking around the airport, no one can pull that off except her!

Below are my favourite pictures of Lady Gaga
At Graham Norton Show, love the headpiece

Performing at Graham Norton Show

Performing during Monster Ball Tour

Grammy Awards, check out the shoes!

Video Music Award, cover in meat

Performing at 53rd Grammy Awards, coming out from egg

Thierry Mugler Runway Fall/Winter 2012

Promoting her new album "Born This Way" in Mexico City

MAC cosmetics Viva Glam Lipstick campaign

Japan Tour Concert

BRIT Awards 2010

MTV VMA 2010

She's one of a kind, no one could copy her style, even if they did, definitely won't look as good as her! 
I did went to her Monster Ball Tour Concert when she come to Melbourne last year, she sounds incredible! Her voice was amazing, I took my friend to her concert and she become Lady Gaga little monster ever since (that's how Gaga called her fans, lol)
 Here's some pictures that I took during the concert

Favourite of all 

One of her costume

Lady Gaga likes to play piano in unusual pose, as always :)

Singing poker face

Cheers, Angel

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